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Potty Pause is the "magic" light that pauses playtime, so kiddos can happily answer nature's many (many) calls without the fear of missing out on anything fun!


It also serves as a great tool for early potty training - helping our youngest kiddos communicate that they've gotta go (instead of - you know - hiding and grunting in the corner).


  • Color:  Aqua

    Material:  ABS Plastic - batteries not included (3 AAA required)


    Why Potty Pause?

    To help kiddos cope with their FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and stick to their potty training.  Playtime doesn't have to end for potty time - we just have to "freeze the fun" until they're done!


    How does it work?

    It's easy - just channel your inner make-believe-maker!  Help get kiddo excited about pressing their Potty Pause button to "freeze time" while they go do their business.  Then, un-pause it and get back to playing! 


    Where should we put our Potty Pause?

    Hang it on the bathroom door, or set it on a table within kiddo's reach. As long as it's easily accessible when they get the urge to go, it doesn't really matter where you keep it!


    IMPORTANT:  Potty Pause is not a toy.  Always supervise kiddos during use.

  • All Potty Pause sales are final.  Potty Pauses like to be re-used, so whenever kiddo outgrows it, please pass it on to a friend!

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