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Got potty-training troubles?

Protect playtime

(and prevent playroom puddles)

with Potty Pause!

Why Potty Pause?

Because Kiddos get FOMO (fear of missing out).

And then they pee their pants...

Comic strip showing a little girl who is too busy playing to stick to her potty training skills, but she uses her Potty Pause button for a happy (and successful) potty run!
kiddos think playtime has to end (like, forever) for potty time, so they hold it (and hold it) until it's too late...
Potty Pause signals a quick pause in playtime, reassuring kiddos that their toys and games (and cardboard-boxes-turned-rocket-ships) will be right there waiting for them when they're done.

Potty Pause also helps our tiniest trainees communicate that they've gotta go in the first place, which is often the most difficult part. 
it's a fun way to build better potty habits. Kiddos feel proud and accomplished for staying accident-free, and parents get to stop buying diapers (and doing so much dang laundry).
End the madness (and the mess)
"Freeze the fun" for happier potty runs today!
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