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Your questions. Our answers.

Is Potty Pause available in stores?

We're a small mama-and-papa operation, so this website is as good as it gets for now (unless you happen to catch up with us at The San Diego Kids Expo or another local event where we're exhibiting).  If that ever changes, we'll be the first to let you know!


What age is best for Potty Pause?

All kiddos are different in terms of when they're ready for potty training, but it's been most popular among 2-to-5-year-olds.  Potty Pause is intended for use during initial potty training, as well as the first few months/years that follow (to help 'em stay consistent and avoid regression).  And please remember - Potty Pause is not a toy.  Kiddos should always be supervised during use.

Does Potty Pause sing / play music?

Nope!  We thought about including music in the design of Potty Pause, but our research led us to skip it for a few reasons:  1. possible over-stimulation with lights AND music when they need to concentrate on going; 2. if the music was on a timer, it could add too much pressure for kiddo to finish before the music ends and things "un-pause"; and 3. this is less research-driven and more parental-sanity-driven, but if it was the same song or two on a continuous loop, we grown-ups would go bonkers considering just how many trips kiddos make to the potty (including those oh-so-awesome false alarms).


But we're always open to your thoughts!  If you've seen a study that suggests music would be helpful to include in a future edition of Potty Pause, please let us know.

Does Potty Pause have a timer?

No - and for good reason.  Kiddos need to learn to go when they need to go - not when they're told to go.  Imagine you're watching a movie (or live sporting event).  You're perfectly comfortable and you don't have to pee, but someone comes in and forces you to go sit on the toilet.  And you can't come back until you force one out.  Doesn't make a whole lotta sense, right?  Right.  But that's pretty much what potty timers do to our kiddos.

With Potty Pause, we're helping kiddos build better bathroom habits by making it fun for them to pause what they're doing and take a quick potty break as soon as nature calls.

Note:  Timers can be great for kiddos who are up for the task, as many toddlers love a good challenge (and often follow instruction better that way ... like, "Hey, buddy - do you think you can put these toys away faster than Papa?"), but they shouldn't be used to pressure (or worse - shame) kiddos into training quicker.

Are batteries included?
Nope - sorry!  3 AAA batteries are required, but not included.
How did Potty Pause get started?

On a dark, stormy night, 16 years ago... 

Wait, that's not right.  But you can check out the real story here.

How can we contact you if we have other questions?

Send a raven!

Just kidding.  You can just email us at

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