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For easy on-the-door hanging


We brought the very first Potty Pause™ to life 7 years ago for our adorably independent niece.  (You can read more about her below.)

At the time, we naively thought that she was the only toddler on the planet who refused to stop playing to go do her "business." Then we became parents, and our friends became parents, and we realized that just about every toddler everywhere would rather hold it (and risk peeing their pants) than miss a single moment of fun. Our tiny humans are so wonderfully rational, aren’t they?

So now we’re helping “freeze the fun" for kiddos (and grownups) everywhere. They get to go potty without the fear of missing out on anything awesome, you get to add "magical time-stopping wizard" to your growing list of parenting skills, and everyone's pants get to stay peepee-free.

It's the little things, right?

The original Potty Pause

When our preciously playful (and oh-so-stubborn) niece was two-and-a-half years old, she was always wiggling, squirming, and otherwise attempting to distract herself from the growing urge to "go."

​We'd ask if she had to go, and she'd say "no." It was super-obvious that she had to go, so we'd pick her up and sit her on the potty, and she'd cry as if a big scary bear had just eaten her last fruit snack.

(We know ... SO mean of us.)

The problem wasn't that she didn't know how to go - she was already potty trained and quite proud of herself for it. The poor kid just had a raging case of FOMO (fear of missing out), and if the fun kept going out here while she was "stuck" going in there, she wasn't having it. And then she'd let her pants (and the floor) have it. And then we'd all cry (big-scary-fruit-snack-stealing bears notwithstanding).

So we started defying the laws of time with the very first dose of Potty Pause "magic." Henceforth, whenever little Mo danced her typical potty dance, we'd still ask if she had to go, and she'd still say "no" (duh). But then we'd play along when she pressed the Potty Pause button, which "froze all of the fun" until she was done, and suddenly little Mo was more than happy to heed nature's many, many calls.

As far as she was concerned, we were wizards. As far as we were concerned, we had less laundry to do (and the carpets didn't need to be steam-cleaned as often). And now that we know we're not the only ones who've struggled with this, we're excited to bring that same Potty Pause magic to kiddos (and their grownups) everywhere.

The original...
(which, as you can see, has
done its share of fun-freezing!)
The origial Potty Pause button that we made for or neice back when she was two year old.
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